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January 11, 2005
CHBO Outperform Russell2000 Index during bull and bear market

I will compare in this article; the performance of CHBO alerts VS performance of Russell2000 index. To be profitable, an alert should outperform the index in bull and bear markets.
For each trade I am taken, I calculate the Russell2000 Index performance during the holding period of the trade.

CHBO Alert for GOOG, I buy the stock 400$ at 10:00 and sold the stock 410$ at 12:00 for a performance of 2.5%, during that time the Russell2000 Index was at 660 at 10:00 and 666,6 at 12:00, its performance then was about 1%. The stock outperformed the Russell2000 Index.

Here are graphs of all CHBO Alerts without Relative volume and Day range filters, sorted by Russell2000 performance.

Look at the chart and notice that stocks perform well when Russell2000 is up and bad when Russell2000 is down.

Now let's look at graphs for CHBO Alerts with filters like in Trading System 2.

As you can see, CHBO Alert outperforms Russell2000 Index in bull and bear market.
This is a great indication of a good trading system.


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