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December 09, 2005
Two trades i made yesterday using CHBO alert.

I trade real money using (CHBO) alert, and yesterday i traded about 10 stocks.

Here is two of my trades, there are not the best ones nor the worse ones.

I get an alert at 10:44 for CHK, its ask price was near 30.15, i decided to enter and bought 400 shares.
When i see the above average volume for the first hour, the gap down and the channel breakout, i was pretty sure that the gap will be filled and decided to enter and to closed my position near yesterday close.
After one hour i sell my shares at 31$ . for a gain of 0.85$ per share or 2.82% gain without commission.

As you can see the channel was formed during only one hour, that's not alot.
But the gap down definitely let me enter this trade.

The stock slipped back below yesterday price after i closed my position then it goes up to close near the high of the day.

This is another trade i made yesterday.
The channel looked much better than the first one but it happened too late and the stock didn't had time to rally more than it does. I entered at 45.3$ and closed my position at the market close at 45.73$.
That was a gain of 0.94% without commission.
Note that daily volume was above yesterday volume.


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Two trades i made yesterday @