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January 05, 2005
New trading strategies for next week

Until now, I am not sure which trading strategies I will add for the next week.
I think I will add two more strategies but don't know which ones.

I will focus not only on the performance but also on the number of trades, to make sure the performance shown is accurate. I am getting a lot of alerts per day, probably on average more than one hundred for each alert type, but when I filter theses alert using for example day range filter or quality filter to get good alert performance, the average number became less than 5 alerts per day. In next week, I will get enough data to make sure which alert provide good return and which one to avoid.

I am simulating now all alerts but only for two sets of filters.
The first set of filters contains liquidity filter, spread filter, volatility filter, relative volume filter, and the second set of filters contains all the previous filters plus a down gap filter.

I will include another set of filters next week to simulate all Trade-Ideas alerts; I wish I get some comments or suggestion about the new set of filters I am going to add.



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