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December 09, 2005
Sorting performance by filters values

I want with this article explain you more what i am doing and what are some of the capability of the software i designed, especially sorting performance by filters values.

First, i have designed a software than let me simulate in real time all alert-ideas alerts.
I can get then performance for each alert type.

Each alert performance can be sorted by date, hour and price.
It can be sorted by some filters too.

Because alert-ideas reports some additional filters value with the alert, i can sort all my performances data with
theses filters.

What are theses filters ?

- Dayrange : when reporting an alert, trade-ideas tell you where the stock is trading within his today range.
0.5 means that the stock is in the middle of his range.
1 means the stock is on the top of his range so he is making a new high
0 means the stock is on the bottom of his range so he is making a new low

- Relative Volume : Volume of the stock when it was alerted compared to his average volume for the same period of time. Go there for more explanation of the Relative Volume.

High relative volume is important to make sure there is an interest for the stock.

- Quality : The quality value depends on the type of alert.

For alert "Stock making new high" : The quality value show a number who varies from 0 to 365.
This number (X) means that the stock is making a new X day high.

For channel breakout alert : the quality indicate the validity of the channel.
Low quality value means that there is a great chance that the channel where stock is trading is due to random.

So as long as these filters are provided, i can show performance of alerts by one of them.

I will make an article about that, and will show which values of theses filters work best.
The only thing i can tell you now is to look at relative volume values bigger than 1, this will help you alot for picking more winners than losers.


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