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December 28, 2005
New profitable Trade-Ideas Alert screens

Any feedbacks about the new systems i add this week are welcome.
Alerts i added last week are ORU15 and GBBOT.

Few trades were picked for theses systems in the testing period, due to the fact that i am simulated lot of others trading strategies in the same time.

The more picks i will get for each strategy, the more results will be accurate.

In next weeks, you will see if theses strategies still provide such good results and i will also add more strategies that are showing great results.

Maybe you have ideas or you already back-tested some Trade-Ideas screens and want confirmation, then tell me about your strategy.

So, please email me with your tips, ideas, experience... I will include them in

What i want to do, is to make the biggest ressources page for Trade-Ideas, so i need your help and your experience to continue working on this website and to provide you with more winning Trade-Ideas screens.