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December 15, 2005
Other use of Trade-Ideas screens

Trade-Ideas software can be used for several things.
Certainly its primer role is to alert you for stocks that are moving, dropping, consolidating...

Why i like trade ideas ?
Because any new trade ideas can be translated in a combination of alert and filters.

I like it also because as i said in the topic, trade-ideas can help you for others tasks.

Example : Monitoring your portfolio positions.

Its easy to track any changes in your portfolio stocks.
Example :
- Create a new screen and call it Portfolio Track
- Edit symbol list and add only your portfolio symbols
- Uncheck all filters
- Add some alerts, add for example alerts stock making 15 minute and stock drop by more than 5%.

You can now check everything that happen in your portfolio stocks.
You can react quickly to close positions, buy more shares...

I already use it to track my positions, i configured trade-ideas to play a sound when it alert me and then
i can quickly see what happening to the stock.
I put very few alerts, only two alerts that i think are important so i am not always disturbed by something meanless.

Its particulary useful when you have many positions.
And thanks to this track screen, i can concentrate on others things during the day without always looking at my stock graphs.