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December 04, 2005
Day trading systems update comments

I am trying to make alot of changes, so there is alot of missing date for this week.
Hope i will have all the data available for the next week.
The only day that i simulated is the last day 02-11-2005.

This missing data is due, to some changes in the software that simulate all alert trades.
This changes will :
- let me test more alerts.
- Test more trades for each alert type.
- Test some strategies with different filter for each one.
- Report with more accuracy the bid and ask price when entering or exiting a trade.

Another thing, that you probably seen.
Charts look had changed, i hope these one are better for you.
I used the zedgraph component to make these alert charts.

For the day of 02-11-2005, alot of alerts type showed a good performance.

I want also to tell you something about the Alert Performance by date :
- This graph show the average gain for all trades reported for a holding period of one hour and for a specific alert type and for a specific day.

When you see an average gain of 0.3% for one day, that means that the average gain of all trades is 0.3%.
And because the holding period is only one hour, the gain for that day should be something like (1.003^4) if you trade all your money for one hour then trade again all your money for the next hour...


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