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December 22, 2005
Some information about trade-ideas 2006 new features

Trade-ideas is doing a great work. From the start, they always improved their software and added new features.
The fact that they are always listening to their costumers and providing them great help, make their software a great one.

Here is new improvements that are coming in 2006 :

- Coverage of international markets.
This is a great news,so how trade-ideas filters will perform in internationals markets ?
I really don't know, but as soon as this feature is online, i will simulate all alerts in all theses new markets.

- Addition of Forex market.
I think trade-ideas alerts in forex market can be very interesting due to the liquidity of this market and the high number of technical analyst who are trading it.
I hope that trade-ideas add also others markets like future and option.

- Addition of new alerts and filters.
Always interesting as i can simulate more and more alerts hoping to find more and more profitable systems, and why not a strategy that make me
rich in one year :)
Among new alerts and filters, a new way to automatically detect trend line breaks, woodies CCI patterns...
More information will be available when theses alerts and filters will be ready.

All theses improvements description came from trade-ideas Blog.