Day trading systems


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Stock Runing Up : (Trading System 1)

We look for stock that move up quickly within few seconds, must be less than one minute.
The move must be bigger than normal moves.

Channel Breakout : (Trading System 2)

We look for stock that break an old channel.
We buy when the stock go quickly above resistance, we do not wait for a confirmation. We go long as soon
as the stock break its channel.
How we define a channel ?
The channel is defined as two lines where the stock price move within these lines, its also know
as a consolidation pattern.

Day Range :

At the time we took the trade, we look at the last price within the high and low for the same day.
Ex : If last price is 20$ and today high is 21$ and today low is 19$ then day range is 0.5
The high and low of the day can be used after the market open. For pre-market, we do not define the
high and low of a stock.

Volatile Stock :

We look at stock that move on average more than 0.4% every 15 Minutes.
The average amount of stock moves for each 15 minute period is calculated and must be more than 0.4%
to consider the stock as volatile.

Stock with little spread :

We look at stock that have a small spread, we means by small spread, a spread of less than 30 cent
when taking the trade.


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