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December 21, 2005
New profitable strategies

Next week, i will add two strategies that i are profitable.
Each one is based on a trade-ideas screen and both strategies use only classic filters.

By classic i means :

Price > 10$
Average daily volume > 1 000 000$, to make sure there is enough liquidity.
Min volatility > 0.4%, to make sure the stock is volatile and can move quickly after entering a position.
Min current relative volume > 2, to make sure volume is bigger than usual and then stock is able to make a nice gain.
Spread < 20 cent, to avoid big slippage.

In fact i found more than two profitable strategy but for next week i will add only two of them.

Each strategies include one of theses alerts :
NHA : New high ask
CHBOC : Channel breakout confirmed
FU79 : Fibonacci 79% buy signal
OR15 : 15 minutes opening range

Each alert has some different filters settings.
I will make that more precise when i will add theses alerts in

I will also include all testing results : performance by date, performance by time, winning trades, loosing trades, performance by filters...

Don't forget to email me if you have some ideas of strategies or for anything else.