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January 20, 2005
TICK and TRIN webinars

I have found a very nice Webinar about TICK and TRIN on the CBOT website.
Here is the URL:,3206,1058+21727,00.html
You can download this Webinar and watch it with real player or download a slide.
If you take a look at available webinars in CBOT, you can find others webinars talking about TICK and TRIN.

The author of this Webinar, did some interesting statistic regarding TICK and TRIN data, he build simple trading systems based on theses statistics and found interesting results.
If you have access to historical data, you may use TICK and TRIN as additional filters in your current trading systems and perform of course some back-tests to make sure everything is ok.

I talked yesterday about the addition of theses two indicators in my simulation software.
I think I will add also moving average and yesterday' close TICK and TRIN, the more data I will collect; the more chance I will build a better trading system.

Note: TICK and TRIN are available in most brokers' platform or data feed providers.
In IB (Interactive Brokers), here are symbols for these two indicators:
TICK-NYSE and TRIN-NYSE for New York stock exchange.
TICK-NASD and TRIN-NASD for NASDAQ exchange.


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