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I am sure of one thing. Trade-Ideas is the best market scanner in the world.
It let you know everything who happen to stocks in the market.
Trade-Ideas is a software who scan the market and find for you the best trading opportunity.

This site for most part is dedicated to trade-ideas, i took their alerts and i am testing them in real-time (no backtest).

As far, i am not showing all the results i found , but its coming soon.

After you sign up with trade-ideas, you can put as your home page or in your favorites pages, because you will find everything you need here, before investing real money for trading stock provided in the alerts of Trade-Ideas.

Trade-Ideas are providing you a 7-day free trial of their service . The only thing i want you to do is to sign up via my special (affiliate) link, because all research results i offer in this site is free and to help me continue this huge work i need a little reward. Thanks.

for every info you need

NB : no free trial period is offered to those who sign-up with non-free email account (i.e., yahoo, hotmail, etc.

Don't forget that when comparing the price of Trade-Ideas and what they offers, its a bargain.

In their site, they have everything you need : video tour, pre-configured screens... Go there