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Day trading and Swing trading :

The Technical Trader - Real-time diary of the day trading and market insights of Harry Boxer, award-winning and widely syndicated technical analyst. Dozens of trading entries each session, with instant audio alerts.  Free 15-day trial.

Day trading the markets - The online community for day traders of
stocks, options, futures, and forex. - Your premier site for Swing Trading and Day Trading Selections. Interact directly with Professional traders and learn the strategies they use to trade the market for a living.

All Trading Secrets - All Trading Secrets | The best place to learn stock trading strategy.

The Day traders bible - The day trader bible manuel : A complete guide to day traders.

Day Tading Resources - Comprehensive resources on all aspects of day trading including trading course, stocks informations, day trading tips and more.

BestDayTrader - Professional level day trading site and swing trading newsletter offering the best performance results anywhere.

Daytrader TOAD - Free site for daytraders of OEX options & investments.
Timely updates, follow the site to learn about daytrading in the market - Hop on over!