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Alerts Help

Running Up Alert :

Running up (1.0 shows the most alerts, 10.0 shows only the fastest moving stocks.)

Theses alerts are reported when the stock price moves quickly within a small timeframe usually one minute.
The system can alert a stock that moved by 0.2$ and don't alert another that moved by 0.5$.
It depends on the volatility of the underlying security.

When trade-ideas show an RU alert, it report also a description.

Here is what you can find in the description :

CMVT - Running up: +0.08 in less than one minute.
MCHX - Running up: +0.30 in less than one minute.
OXPS - Running up: +1.00 in less than one minute.
AMTD - Running up: +0.08 in less than one minute.

Each alert include then a number that tell you how much the price has changed in the last minute (It can be one minute or less).

If the stock move quickly and meet a minimum criteria of move in 20 seconds , then alert
description will show the amount of move in the last 20 seconds.

As trade-ideas said, this alert is only reported when there is a clear move in one direction.
It must be a step by step move, not a one big change of price.

There is also a specific filter for this alert. It value can varies from 1-10.

In fact, each price move is measured by a formula (Trade-Ideas call it momentum of the stock and is expressed in dollars per minute, it consist of comparing the stock move to the stock volatility).

The results is that this value is based on the speed and consistency of the move and not the size of a price move.

A value of 1 show all alerts
A value of 10 show only 1% of alerts, these alerts will have the best speed and consistency move.

My personal thought :
I think that this alert should be used in addition with others filters.
Its not a good idea to trade only based only on this alert.
This alert is best suited for scalp traders, because my simulation showed that performance is better for small time frames.

Here you can see testing results for this alert, i am showing only 60min holding period.
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